Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Benefits of Pumpkin

Many of us consider pumpkins simply an aesthetic addition to our doorsteps throughout the month of October, but did you know pumpkins have many dietary and health benefits? Below are a few reasons why pumpkin can be a healthy addition to your October evening meals (or desserts!):

ANTIOXIDANTS: Pumpkins get their orange colour from beta-carotene, which is an immune boosting and cancer fighting antioxidant. Beta-cartotene can also be converted to vitamin A, which has a leading role in our vision.

FIBRE: 1 cup of pumpkin provides 3 grams of fiber. You use fibre to lower blood sugar, lower bad cholesterol and aid in weight loss.

LOW IN CALORIES AND FAT: One cup of pumpkin is only 49 calories!

VITAMINS: Pumpkins are high in vitamins C and E, magnesium, potassium and iron.
Don’t forget to save the seeds after carving your pumpkin! Pumpkin seeds also contain many vitamins and minerals.
See below for some easy and nutritious pumpkin recipes!

Roasted Pumpkin and Pomegranate Salad with Pumpkin Seed Oil Vinaigrette: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/nutrition/pumpkin-recipes

- Sabrina 

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