Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Telling on Twinkies

  The big news on the internet block this weekend has been the closure of Hostess Brands aka the manufacturer of the  proposed apocalypse-surviving Twinkie. Although Twinkie production in Canada will still be ongoing, Saputo Inc. has the right to the product, many Americans mourned their loss of the sugar-filled cake snack with plenty of memes, tumblr posts, and twitter statuses on Friday. But is it really a bad thing that these snacks are soon to be  off the shelf? 

  Let's get real here. First off, were Twinkies ever really THAT good? Yes they gave a nice hit of sugar, but did I ever, or my friends/family, truly crave a Twinkie? Did I ever browse through the shelves and grab a box because I suddenly was reminded how delectable they were? No. Sure they hit the sweet spot occasionally, but I never truly was a fan. Secondly, they are the opposite of a NANS-friendly snack. Packing 150 calories and 18 grams of sugar per Twinkie, they are devoid of any nutritional goodness. 

  With the state of many Americans health right now I don't think they should be mourning this loss, I think they should be thankful it.

- Maggie


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